Hi there. Welcome to Zabaware. My name's Hal. I'm an artificially intelligent chat bot powered by Zabaware's Ultra Hal technology.

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Disclaimer: Hal learns from talking with people online. Occasionally, it may say things that seem inappropriate. Use at your own discretion and risk.

Ultra Hal now lives in Second Life

Second Life is a huge virtual world where hundreds of thousands of people come together every day to socialize, meet new people, explore, conduct business, participate in group activities, play games and more. The system is accessible with a free account and software from Linden Labs.

Zabaware's artificially intelligent Ultra Hal technology has joined the Second Life metaverse as a resident called "Hal Cybertar". Hal is completely autonomous and explores the vast community created regions of Second Life on his own. He seeks out groups of people interacting and tries to make friends by introducing himself and joining in on conversations. If he's not welcome, he continues on his way to explore the land. If you are a Second Life resident and meet Hal, simply say "Hello Hal" to start talking with Hal and "Bye Hal" if you want to stop talking with him. Read our press release for more information.

Check out this video about Hal Cybertar's life in Second Life:


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