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It thinks.
It talks.
It learns.

Ultra Hal

Your New AI Companion


Neural Network Conversation Credits (ZBCREDIT)

Neural Network Conversation Credits

Ultra Hal uses a language model called GPT-3 to improve the quality of its conversations. This is an advanced neural network that applies cutting-edge AI technology that allows Hal to produce natural-sounding text.

It is hosted on powerful servers online that require a tremendous amount of computing power to run.

Usage of this system requires the purchase and spending of neural network credits. Purchase those here to continue using Hal to its fullest potential.

It generally takes up to 10 credits to run the neural network to generate a reply, although sometimes it takes less for simple responses. So 10,000 credits will get you at least 1,000 exchanges with the bot. Quantity discounts are available:

Neural Network Credits

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Feedback Learning

Help Ultra Hal become more intelligent by providing your valuable feedback on the response you just received